not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.

synonyms:dishonest, deceitful, underhand, underhanded, duplicitous, double-dealing, two-aced, dissembling, insincere, false, lying, untruthful, mendacious; 
not candid, not frank, not entirely truthful; 
artful, cunning, crafty, wily, sly, sneaky, tricky, scheming, calculating, designing, devious, unscrupulous; 
informalshifty, foxy; 

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I worked at MIT for 27 years, happily for the most part. It didn't end particularly well, however. In fact, I think I could fairly say that I have some hard feelings.

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That was the title of a book one of my sisters read when we were teenagers. The idea has always stayed with me.

Can you use 'disingenuous' in a sentence?



  1. Bori Stoyanova is being disingenous when she asks me about my Assistant Director ...
  2. Bori Stoyanovais being 'disingenuous' when she suggests...
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This still cracks me up.

Bori sends out an announcement to all CEE staff "Happy Administrative Professionals Week!" invited us to a two-hour workshop on Excellence. With lunch.

Turns out when we get there, some 30 or so staff members, that we are going to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day by listening to a friend of Bori's, who works in the Personnel Office, give us a two hour workshop (!) of how we can provide "excellent service to our customers.'  

Amd who are our 'customers?'

Well, the faculty that we work with and for.

So, to sum up, 30 or so CEE…

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I am almost tempted to say that, in my 27 years at MIT, the only thing I feel ashamed of are these emails -- not for what I wrote, but for my certainty that there wouldn't be a reply.

Can you use 'disingenuous' in a sentence?


With pleasure. In fact, many sentences. Angela is being disingenuous in her email of Feb 5 (3). She and Bori and Phil had been discussing my appointment for the past year; I had signed all my emails as Building Manager, had assumed responsibilities for that position, had posted that posted on the Building Directories at both entrances.

Angela was also being disingenuous when she asked for a photo of me (1,2), so she could introduce me as the Building Manager at her Nov 2017 meeting. 

And Angela and Bori are being 'disingenuous' and unprofessional when…

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Can you use 'disingenuous' in a sentence?


Yes, gladly. Colette is being disingenuous in her startlingly brief and widely cc'd reply to my March 28 email:

"Ed, The content and the tone of this email are inappropriate, Colette (1)" 

For the previous year and a half, in her many requests that had nothing to do with my job (2-10), Colette's tone was remarkably different. And it goes without saying that she never cc'd anyone. 

Further, Colette is being extraordinarily disingenuous in her March 28 reply regarding my tone and content given that that her brief reply to me was, cc'd to…


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As it happens, the following day I was having my first session with a coach. The administrative officer in our department was stepping down, and I was planning to apply for her position, and had engaged a coach to work with me through the application process.  Instead, our first session took a different turn, with my having given notice. And Alane, my coach and good friend, simply asked what outcome I wanted when all was said and one, and I said that I wanted my job back.

Clearly a bit of a shift.



One of the weird things about the harassment accusation is that no one ever said anything to me about it. I only heard when a friend sent an email (1) to say that she was concerned about how I was treating other people. I was flummoxed. But when I spoke to my boss, he said that some people had felt my emails over the previous days had been harassing (2, 3). And that's when I decided to give my notice (4), because it seemed that these accusations were happening at a level far beyond my control. They were coming from people I didn't work with, had no interactions with apart from a handful of…