About Sidelines

I originally launched the Sidelines site (sidelines.mit.edu) so that people at MIT could talk about the other thing they do beside the thing that brought them to MIT. In my experience, everyone in the MIT community does two things to a very high level -- the thing that brought them to MIT, and some other thing. They perform in chamber orchestra, they compete in triathalons, etc. This site was intended to be a place for them to talk about those interests and find other people who share.

My ulterior motive was toget people on to the Drupal sites I was trying to build, so I could learn where they were hitting a wall, what was confusing, and also just get them up to speed with posting content, so that, god willing, they would actually post content on the academic sites I was building.

But a cyberstalker, alas, loses access to all that.

In any case, the sidelines site lives on here as a place for me to post all my movie and book posts, and al the rest of my DIY stuff.