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Amnesty International Hotels and Golf Courses

We don't have any time to waste. Though all the changes we are experiencing have been coming for a very long time, they seem to all have hit at once, overwhelming our capacity to adjust to change. We don't have that time. 

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My Own Private Idaho

A place for those "Oh what a wonderful world it would be" ideas.

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I originally launched the Sidelines site ( so that people at MIT could talk about the other thing they do beside the thing that brought them to MIT. In my experience, everyone in the MIT community does two things to a very high level -- the thing that brought them to MIT, and some other thing. They perform in chamber orchestra, they compete in triathalons, etc. This site was intended to be a place for them to talk about those interests and find other people who share.

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The Bargain Basement

I'm a writer with writer's block. But my particular block not like the writer's block you most often hear about. Mine takes the form of being unable to let something go. I will happily spend days, weeks, months working on an idea, any idea, iterating it, coming at it from this angle and that. What I can't do is press Send. Let it go. Submit it. Call it a day. Though I love to write, I'm not meant to write. Same with web development, which involves a level of design where I can't manage to satisfy myself.

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